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Have you ever wanted to go on vacation but you weren’t sure where you wanted to go? You have the time off, the money saved, everything is lining up… but when you’re booking your flight, what is the destination?! Are you stumped? What do you REALLY want in a vacation? Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself wanting to type SAN –> Anywhere… just pick for me!

Well, The Seeker Project will tell you what you want and need in your travel experience. Accor Hotels has gone beyond, digging deeper on our psyche to figure out EXACTLY what we want out of our travel experiences. Maybe you need some time alone to reflect, or a family getaway… maybe you are craving nightlife and high rises, or nature and high adventure. Quickly answer some visual prompted questions and The Seeker Project will help you decide where your next destination should be… what your heart TRULY wants. It’s pretty fun and totally amazing.

Click here to watch a video and see it for yourself! They have scaled down their full size interactive experience to an online quiz you can take. They are able to track your heart rate through your webcam, how long we linger on certain photos, how quickly we respond to others… all of this together will give you 3 destinations… places they think you would like to travel to most!

“Data from both the live and online experience creates a generative portrait of personality and emotion, as unique as a fingerprint. The system then references this data against traits of Accor destinations, to offers you more meaningful, more personalized suggestions.” Try it for yourself and see where you should go next!

After spending 5 weeks in rural Maine, Chicago was the perfect fit for us. It was also just a hop, skip and a jump from Maine so it was such a easy stop by! I had been before, but briefly… I know there is so much to do/see so it felt right! (Stay tuned for a Chicago travel blog coming soon!) We were there for such a short time but I fell in LOVE! I couldn’t believe how kid friendly the city is, so much to do and see. We stayed at the amazing Fairmont Chicago and ALL of our expectations and needs were met and BEYOND! The view from our room was incredible, the service, the Fairmont Gold lounge, everything was perfect.

I even had a bellman ask if we needed diapers when I was leaving to change Curren. I told him we were alright and he said, “if you decide need them, just give me a ring and I’ll run down to CVS quicker than a speed racer!” I wish I caught his name, because he needs a raise!! ????????????


Can’t wait for you to try the Seeker Project!

Huge thanks to Accor Hotels for this amazing sponsored collaboration and a big hug to the Fairmont Chicago for hosting us! We had a wonderful time!

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