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I had a love/hate relationship with this bathroom. When we first walked into this house and saw the tub, I instantly said “YES, THIS IS THE PERFECT PLACE!” ???? I was sold by the tub. 100%. But I was never in love with the tile, countertops OR the wall color. I am always trying to mix things up in here, bringing in new prints or plants, trying to love it but it just never felt right. I was fighting the wall color, countertops and flooring… fighting instead of trying to work WITH it. Even when we were talking with The Company Store about doing this bathroom refresh, I kept thinking, “ugh… I don’t LOVE my bathroom… it’s not going to turn out like I want.” (negative Nancy was coming out for a while ????) But that is the whole point, RIGHT? I even came around to the idea that you don’t need an entire bathroom remodel to make your space feel new and give it new life.

After the holidays, all I wanted to do was get things in order and refresh our space. If it were up to me, I would want to do an entire bathroom remodel… new countertops, paint light fixtures and tile. But we are in a rental and that just isn’t an option! (Also $$$$$) So I am working with The Company Store to do a “remodel” on a level we can commit to at the moment. A refresh of all our towels and bath mats, some new accessories, I even treated myself to a new robe! ???? I also did a little shelving and print DIY that is helping to transform and bring some fun + utility to the space.

I am usually an all white/stark contrast kind of decorator. So the beige-ish walls and floors were driving me crazy. Don’t get my wrong, this tile really is beautiful, I have seen travertine used in so many incredible spaces. For me, I found that by pairing it with the right pieces and accessories, I was able to make it my own + fall in love with it even if it wouldn’t be my first choice. We made our color scheme white + cream with little pops of color here and there! I chose this maple wood from the hardware store, the light color is so pretty and brings in the color from our flooring (purposefully!!! embracing the color!!!) The brackets are a smooth + gloss white finish that matches the tub (and they were like $2!!!) We had the wood cut for this space specifically and picked the brackets up there too, a really easy and quick DIY. We brought in some new plants and I absolutely love these poppy striped accessories from The Company Store! They’re the perfect useful pops of color I was looking for. I’ll link them here!

Our towels had become pretty dingy, I haven’t invested in good towels like, ever. ???? Most of them were frayed and tattered from so many washes, I am excited to get that fresh, clean look in here! White is always my pick for towels… they look so fresh and it makes washing a breeze. The Company Store towels are SO soft and plush! I love the ones we chose because they’re white, but have a little bit of the polka dot pattern to them to keep things a little interesting ????. (They also have a monochromatic grid + chevron pattern that is cute!)

I created this print to go in our bathroom: the perfect reminder that you are lookin’ gooooood in your own skin… even when you aren’t feelin’ it. We could all use a little pick me up compliment in the morning, right? ???????? We also upgraded our bathmat situation which totally makes a big difference. The bath mats at The Company Store are so well made, ours is so soft and thick. I love the texture of the white Cotton Twill Bath Rugs we chose to go next to the sinks and the pattern of the Trellis Bath Rug brings an interesting detail and is so soft.

I am sure there are places in ALL of our houses we would like to change and/or remodel. But a major renovation just isn’t always in the cards or necessary! Sometimes all you need is a little refresh to make your space feel brand new. I love how our bathroom came together and I am so happy I finally LOVE it! Biggest lesson: don’t fight what you can’t change. Roll with it, make it your own, find ways to make it work! Maybe someday we will be in a house that we can do exactly what we want to, but probably not for a while… for now, with the help of The Company Store and a little DIY + creativity, my bathroom dreams are coming true! ????☺️

If you’re feeling lucky, The Company Store is hosting a $1,000 sweepstakes on their site! Click here to enter! ☺️???????? AAAAND from now until Feb. 27th, all of their solid bath & bedding (our white towels + linen sheets and duvet!!! ????) is up to 25% off. Perfect time to refresh! Click here to see the sale!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    You and The Copmpany Store make a fantastic team. I love what you did with your bathroom!


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