One Bed Styled Three Ways

I like change. I am constantly mixing things up, redo-ing parts of our home. It’s not that I am ever TERRIBLY unhappy with a space, it’s just that it is fun for me to create and design new spaces! It’s just something I love to do! But I get a lot of grief from my family. ???? They think I am crazy for “remodeling” and repainting our bedroom again. And again.

But hey, it HAS been about a year since I painted our back wall gray, and I wanted a change! ???????? I am obsessed with how the orange “sunrise” (as Ezra calls it) turned out… for now at least! ????

So if you like change, or maybe you DON’T like change but your room needs to roll with the seasons… this post is for you.

I wanted to create “one bed styled three ways” because I like the idea of change, but hate the idea of constantly buying new “trendy” bedding or getting new things each season. So with this post, I wanted to show ways that you can buy a few key, quality items that will last for years and years and then style them together to create three different looks… (fall/winter, spring and summer).

Color-blocking your bedding and keeping things pretty neutral also makes it easy to love it for longer. You can mix up the colors with so many different combinations and if you get tired of it, buy a single new seasonal pillow or throw to give it a new look without doing your entire bed.

The Company Store has sponsored this post, yes… but I have to tell you, everything I have ever ordered from them has been such amazing quality and so comfy. I have loved our bedding and have really been using only The Company Store bedding for the past year. (I am still in love with our linen sheets… which is why you will see them in three different color ways in this post.)

If you have read my blog before, you may know that I am a huge fan and advocate for The Company Store’s Linen Bedding. ???? I used linen sheets on all three beds because I feel like linen is great in all seasons. It is breathable but it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Exactly what you want from your bedding! I also have to say, linen always gets better with wear. I have washed our white linen duvet so many times and it is SOOO soft. The more you love it, the more it loves you back. ????


I wanted to group these two together because for me, our bedding doesn’t change much between these two seasons.  I will throw on a heavier blanket or a hidden quilt under our duvet but it is mostly about the changing color way…  the more earthy neutrals with tiny pops of color, that define the seasons for me (especially living in Southern California).

For added warmth, I put the The Company Quilt in Golden Straw under our white duvet as well as the Alpaca Throw on top. Adding these two are just enough warmth and breathability without feeling too weighed down. Our Fall/Winter linen bedding is in Shale.

I love white in all seasons, especially in the winter. Our white duvet gets a lot of use! I added a few throw pillows, one in Moss Velvet . Velvet always adds a touch of warmth, perfect for cooler seasons.

Other products from this collection:

Linen Euro Shams in Clay

Cotton Woven Shag Pillow Cover



Ahhh Spring, newfound warmth and life.  “A bed in a box” where the sheets exactly match the duvet isn’t always the best idea. Instead, try mixing several colors of the same color family! Peach, orange, rust and apricot… all together feel warm and inviting but not overly busy. I am obsessed with this Creamsicle Linen Duvet!

Other Products in this collection:

Linen Sheets in Shale

Cotton Cloud Blanket in Apricot

Linen Bolster Pillow in Blush

Cotton Woven Shag Pillow Cover

Macrame Cotton Pillow Cover



The colors of summer, buttery yellow, orange, green… I initially wasn’t planning on adding our creamsicle duvet to this set, but I just love it so much and I feel like it softens this look a little bit. But in reality, the Company Quilt might be enough coverage you’d need in the summer months. It is the perfect shade of yellow, soft and buttery and super cozy.

In this collection:

The Company Store’s Linen Bedding

Linen Duvet in Creamsicle

Company Quilt in Golden Straw

Embroidered Geometric Pillow Cover

Velvet Pillow Cover in Moss

Alpaca Throw


Putting this post together was so much fun! Before this came to life, I went to the store and bought a giant box of colored pencils. I sketched out color schemes and played around with colors: what I liked together, next to each other. It was such a fun and creative outlet for me, and by doing that first, I was able to visualize what it would all look like before I ordered these pieces.

Especially today, when most things are quick shop/quick to throw away, I am seeing the importance more than ever to invest in quality pieces that you will love, not tire of, and that will hold up throughout the years. That’s where this idea of rotating seasonal bedding came from, a desire to buying less, and buying better.

Thank you so so much, as always for reading!!

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  1. Aly says:

    Love this post! Where did you get your bed frame ?

  2. Amanda says:

    I really love the look of linen sheets! I’m wondering, are they as comfortable as they look? Are they durable? And how do they hold up up weekly washing?

    • Mary Lauren says:

      They are really durable actually. Linen sheets are a bit different when you first get them. I love the feel, but they soften and get even better with each wash. They have held up really well.


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