San Diego To Do: Annie’s Canyon – Backcountry

We’ve been living here in San Diego for over 7  years and I am still amazed at the new places we find! I can’t believe I didn’t know that these slot canyons existed! I have driven past them a million times and have never slowed down to look or wonder what they were. It makes me wonder what else we have overlooked in our fast paced lives. There is so much beauty all around us that we sometimes don’t look close enough to see!

We took the little trail to the Solana Beach Slot Canyons aka: Annie’s Canyon and it did not disappoint! The trail was easy and mellow, even with our 18 month old in tow. He and Ezzy walked the trail, throwing rocks and climbing roots and branches on the way. So many wild flowers are out right now and the trail runs right along the lagoon with views of the ocean, it is so pretty and serene. It is a large conservation area as well, and even though it is just right off the freeway, it feels untouched and quiet.

The canyon itself was a quick little wiggle-through, easy enough for Ezra and Clay carried Curren on his shoulders. The white sandstone rocks are sooo pretty! If you ever get to Southern California/ San Diego area, this is a really quick one hour (in and out) “hike” for the whole family. P.S. there is a sign that says “<—moderate or treacherous —>” Not sure their definition of treacherous, but go the treacherous route. It’s not. ????

In Southern California, the clouds are always in and out, especially near the coast. Rain, especially in the winter months and during “June gloom” is inevitable! But if you know us, (and especially if you know Curren ????) you know the rain doesn’t keep us away! We actually love and embrace it! ???? Curren is our rain loving baby.

I have a bunch of gear from Backcountry that is light enough for the in-and-out sun, and will also keep us dry! I am in love with this North Face pull over, especially for the front zip pocket and that it folds up super small, I can roll it up and keep in our day bag. Also, whoever says Teva’s aren’t the most comfortable and versatile shoe is wrong. ???? I have been wearing these ALL THE TIME. I took them to Hawaii too… just about the only shoe you need there. ???? Pool, beach, hikes, biking… yup, Teva’s are the only way to go.

I got the kiddos these matching Patagonia jackets ????, they’re great little windbreaker jackets and also repel water. Everything is linked below!

What are some places near you that you love but maybe overlooked at first? I am always looking for the next place to travel… but it’s kind of nice to see what’s in your own backyard first.

Use Code MARYL15 for 15% off your purchase at! ????????

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  1. Katandash says:

    Such am amazing place! You are so right, in our fast paced lives we tend to overlook or miss the beauty around us.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Wow! Who knew this was so close. It makes for such great photos too! Nice shoot, plus it looks like you had a wonderful day!


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