Welcome Home Ezra + Curren – 13 Fave Toys for Kids

Here we are! South Carolina is now our home! Can you believe it? I still can’t. ???? The beauty of this place just blows me away every day. I absolutely love the lake and LOVE that you can see if from just about every window in our house! (A full pre-reno home tour is coming up next!) Although we are here and unpacking MOST of our stuff, almost half is still in California… and will probably be here in the next 2-3 weeks. Sadly, most of the boys’ toys are in that second load! They have been such troopers… not complaining one bit about anything, have been so enthusiastic, loving every single minute, so we wanted to do something special for them.

I found this little playhouse from Walmart and fell in love. Ya know those toys that you want to buy for your kiddos because they are just so cute and YOU kinda want them? ???? This was one of those… except they absolutely loved it too. WIN WIN! ☺️ I wanted them to have a little place of their own, a special surprise… maybe a gift from the new house. ????

After a couple of minutes, they deemed it Curren and Ezra’s Restaurant (because there is a kitchen with a basket of food inside.) They made me “lunch” and took it VERY seriously. Curren “cut” the fruits and veggies and Ezra washed and served his guest. I love that they have this little spot in the yard just for them. They felt so special, like we did something just for them in a time that has been crazy run-around busy.

Walmart has tons of new toys… outdoor play gyms, some new and funky, some classics that I used to play with as a kid. Here are a few of my favorites! I was in Walmart the other day looking for Ezra’s friend’s birthday gift and I was blown away by their toy selection! It was HUGE! I also noticed that a lot of their new toys have 2 day delivery! Yay!

Hope ya’ll are having the best holiday! Also, is it too soon to start saying ya’ll?? When is that acceptable? Because I want to start ASAP. ????

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  1. Linda Lorick says:

    This story is so adorable! Just like you and your kids????
    The best is yet to come. Welcome to the friendly community????????⛵️⛱

  2. Come for tea with these cute little guys? says:

    May I Come for tea with these cute little guys?


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