Same Curls / 8 Easy Styles!

I am all about that no fuss hair. I want to do it once and I want it to last me 3-4 days. ???? No problem right?!

Well I’ve got a pretty good system down that I’m going to share with ya’ll. It’s called the Same Curls Different Day Do. Mmmk? ????

I start with the Hot Tools Signature Series 1 ½” Flipperless Gold Curling Wand from Walmart. I love this size because you get those loosy goosy beach waves that are still looking good on day 2.

With this Hot Tools wand, you can choose your temperature which is super helpful. Low heat is best, for obvious reasons… that will give you a very loose curl. (Which is also great.) I set my temperature at 300 which is somewhere in the middle. For tighter curls, try smaller pieces and higher temps.

So for this look, the trick is to start with air dried, unbrushed hair, some dry shampoo on your roots, then a little bit of texturizer lightly spritzed. Start curling from the back to front.

Leave about 1-1.5 inches at the ends when wrapping around the wand. This makes it look less “polished” and will also protect your ends a bit.

Alternate between big chunks and smaller pieces for a “messier” look.

Alternate curl direction.

Once you have all pieces curled, don’t brush them out!! Maybe you can get away with that in some climates… but here in South Carolina, I’d be done for. ???? Just separate and blend the curls together with your fingers. Some ‪hairspray if needed!

Day 1: Classic Curls. For the first day I just leave it down, maybe with a headband. Lookin fresh, lookin classy.

Day 2: Side Clips. If you’ve got a little grease, use some dry shampoo and with this style, it’s kind of okay. ????

Day 3: Low or High Pony. You’ll probably need to re-curl the top layer. No biggie.

Day 4: High Pony or Top Knot WITH headband. (Things start looking pretty dreary around day 4 so this is only when things are bleak on the motherhood front.)

If you missed the full styling video on my IGTV click here to watch! I do the full curl plus all 8 styles in a speedy 4ish minutes. ????

That’s it! And guess what… I’ve heard washing your hair less is much better / healthier for your hair and scalp ANYWAY. So there you go, self care.

Big big thanks to Hot Tools and Walmart for partnering with me on this fun post!

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  1. LindacLorick says:

    Great ideas. I detest doing hair every day!!!You are amazing, Lauren????


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