10 Simple “Recipes” for Homemade Baby Food

Intro to baby recipes
Creating new recipes for my babes has been an exciting time for me with each of our kiddos. They have different preferences and trying them out new foods for the first time is exciting. I know what the food tastes like as I airplane it into their mouths’, but in the beginning, they are experiencing it for the first time.

I’m grateful that my kids like to eat, just like their mama and that has given me plenty of recipes to try.

Benefits of baby eating lots of different types of solid foods

There are a lot of old rules associated with baby’s first food and many of them don’t apply anymore. More and more it seems as though introducing your baby to different foods and flavors can have larger benefits like avoiding a picky eater and delaying potential allergens doesn’t necessarily prevent these foods from being problems.

Benefits of making your own food at home

There are no shortage of baby food options at the grocery store and I know that there are some great companies that work hard to make sure their baby food is created with care. Even so, for me, it is important to make Clara’s food myself and then I know exactly what is in each bite.

I know that I am providing nutrient dense options and Clara also gets to eat and try food that the rest of the family eats. I think that helps her to get used to eating like the rest of the family, just without chewing.

Making my own baby food also lets me be in charge of what flavors or food to have her try instead of relying on what the manufacturers make.

Another benefit for me has been being able to play around with how thin my little one needs the consistency to be. You can add breastmilk or formula to thin it up for littles that are first starting out with new food or wheat cereal as they are more used to it.

“Recipes” or mixtures to try

There are a lot of amazing recipes out there to try and a quick Google search will yield you tons of results. When searching, try to pick options that work best for your family or food that you often have on hand, but I wanted to share some of our tried and true mixtures and hopefully your little one will enjoy them, too.

  • Strawberries, Banana, Avocado
  • Carrots, Broccoli and Peas (steamed to almost mush!! And mixed together into a purée.)
  • Peanut butter with apples (again, puréed)
  • Wheat cereal and strawberry purée
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