Wallpaper Picks – 2023

You all know my love for wallpaper. It can quite easily transform any space and give it that immediate WOW impression. Even the most boring of rooms can become spectacular.

We’re getting ready to do a couple more projects around the house, a big one being the fire pit area in the backyard (more of that to come!), and the stress of not being able to control that project has me starting one that I have complete control over. Enter…wallpaper for the win!

We recently finished my little boys’ room (see here!) and we will also be adding wall paper to a small bathroom, a sunroom off of our main bedroom, and the office! 

I am so excited to share the finished office wallpaper! I had initially thought I would install myself like i did my boy’s room, but this time around and timing with other projects, we decided to hire it out. Best decision ever!!! He did not charge an arm and a leg, and he finished the whole space in a couple hours. (He said he had been wallpapering for 40 years!!!!) It turned out amazing, not to my surprise with his experience level.

I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way as I’ve wallpapered a few spaces now in this house and previous… so I wanted to share them with you!

Also, if you are stumped with where to start, what you like, where to look, I am linking a bunch of wallpaper that I have had my eyes on. I always have a running list of wallpapers I love. It has become a hobby of sorts… just keeping photos. haha I follow too many wallpaper Instagram accounts to count because looking at pretty wallpaper never gets old. So let’s start there!

Here are some of my top contenders on my list:

Conservatory by Hygge and West

Butterflies by Hygge & West

Wilma Blue by Sandberg Wallpaper

Charlotta Spring Green by Sandberg Wallpaper

Raphael Green by Sandberg Wallpaper

Lillie Green by Sandberg Wallpaper

Ragnvi Spring Green by Sandberg Wallpaper

Keeping the Faith by Wall Blush

Sweet Ava Ryan by Wall Blush

Juliet Floral by Ballard Designs in Steel Gray/Terracotta

Fancy Frond by Ballard Designs in Light Blue

Ashurst Toile by Birch Lane in Gray

Jodhpur by Supply Showroom in Blue/Green Sisal Grasscloth

Louisa by Supply Showroom

Wisteria by Supply Showroom in Gray

Wallpaper can add something to a space that paint doesn’t: a little bit more life and character. Paint is an easy way to transform a room and can pack a huge punch, but if it’s within budget, and you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone a little, go for the wallpaper.

Now, when it comes to finding and installing a paper, there are a few things that I keep an eye out for: the pattern, the type of wallpaper, and the install details.

Choosing Your Pattern

The first tip I have is to make sure you’re choosing the right paper for your space. Take a step back and really look at your room and think about what it can handle. A small, dark room won’t be able to handle a bold, busy pattern the same way a large, bright room can. You don’t want to overpower a room.

The Type of Wallpaper

Next is to be aware of the type of paper it is. It’s important to remember that there are different kinds of wallpapers and they are all installed differently. Of course all types come in so many different patterns that you’re bound to find something you love, but it could be a deciding factor if you already prefer one style over another.


Traditional paper has no sticky backing or pre-applied paste. With traditional wallpaper, there is a specific process when it comes to applying the paste and then installing it. The nice thing about this method is that once it’s on the wall, it’s a little bit easier to manipulate and move around to get it lined up correctly.

Many people hire out this process as it can get messy and isn’t always the easiest. When you are putting such a large investment into your paper, really consider if you are up for the job before trying a DIY with pricey paper.

If you are, AMAZING! More power to you! Go forth and be brave! Wallpaper on! Wallpaper for the win, as I say!

If not, consider hiring a professional! hahah

Pre-Pasted Wallpaper:

Pre-pasted is exactly what it sounds like… pre-pasted. When it’s time to install this, you’ll need to activate the adhesive backing first by submerging the rolls in water for 10-15 seconds.

Both traditional and pre-pasted paper use a technique called “booking.” Booking is when you gently (without creasing) lay the paper on the floor glue side up and then fold it over itself pasted side to pasted side. This allows the paper to relax out of the rolled form it was in before you hang it up.

Peel and Stick:

I think there’s an assumption that peel-and-stick paper is the easiest to work with because you don’t have to worry about applying or activating adhesive, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Peel-and-stick paper is meant to be realllly sticky so that it stays on the wall without any extra help, so it can sometimes be harder to line up patterns because you aren’t able to maneuver it as easily once it’s on the wall. 

That being said, the nice thing about peel-and-stick wallpaper is that a lot of times it’s removable and can be done-so without too much hassle or damaging the walls. So if you want to spice up a room in a house or an office space that you’re renting, if you have commitment issues, (like me), or if you have a space that is every-changing like a baby or child’s room, then this is a great option!

We used a peel-and stick wallpaper in Ezra and Curren’s room and it turned out great. I used a Hygge and West paper (linked) and by the end I had really gotten the hang of it. 

Read the Install Instructions

Regardless of the type of paper, it’s super important to pay close attention to detail when you’re installing. No matter if it’s traditional, pre-pasted, or peel-and-stick, you’ll need to make sure you’re following the overlap instructions when you’re lining things up. Different companies want you to line things up in different ways. Sometimes you’ll need to overlap the edges by ½” and other times you won’t overlap them at all. You’ll almost always leave a little extra on the sides and ends around corners and where the ceiling and the wall meet. At the end you’ll use a razor blade to cleanly cut away the excess and no matter what, you’ll always need to smooth out any air bubbles!

Keep it Eye Level

One other tip I have is to make sure everything is lined up at eye level. I think it can be a tendency for us to want to line up the ends at the top or bottom, but you’ll want patterns to be exactly matched up right where you can see them. If they’re slightly off at the top or bottom, it’ll be a lot less noticeable than if it were at eye level.

Another trick is to use a laser level! Put it on the wall vertically. We figured this one out about halfway through the boys’ room project and I will never do another wallpaper install without one!

Those are my tips and tricks for installing wallpaper!! Hopefully this encourages you to take on new projects and spice up a room in your house!

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