Hello! Thanks for Being Here!

HI FRIENDS!!!! Welcome to our little space of the internet! I am so excited you are here. Feels like a close-knit group over here. haha

I wanted to send a quick little THANK YOU, and also tell ya a little bit about why we decided to create this space. I have always felt that I wanted a space of my own to expand on things that felt important, or beautiful, or projects that we were working on.

I do love the interface of Instagram, I think there are so many amazing things that we can do with that (and have done with it!), but to have our own little special place to keep everything in one place felt necessary and exciting.

As we grow our business in construction and design, I wanted to have an organized website where we can share all of our links, photos, things that we’ve learned, ideas… all in one place. 

This has been such a long time coming, we have been working on this site for almost 2 years now. We have had a few setbacks, as many of you may know. Sometimes life gets messy and complicated and we needed to take a step back last year. But I’m so excited that the time has finally come that we are able to launch this online space. 

What you can expect:

My goal is to provide more of a resource in design and construction. Home decor, spatial layouts, tips and tricks, finds… etc. As we learn ourselves, I want to share that with you. We are constantly surrounded by brilliant contractors and builders, always learning, always growing, and I want to pass that along!

We will be sending out bi-weekly emails, as to not bombard your inbox! We’ll share mood boards, tips and tricks, home and fashion finds, all here first. You can also find all of the links we share on Instagram here, plus so many more.

We have created three categories of Curated Collections:

Home, Style and Beauty + Wellness.

Each of these collections will have new product weekly! So be sure to check back to see what is new!

We mentioned taking on clients for consulting, that will be happening soon on a new platform! It’s a little bit different of a set up but I think it will be amazing!! So stay tuned for more about that!

Thanks again, so much for being here… I can’t believe all the amazingly beautiful and kind messages I received, cheering us on in this next little adventure!

I truly hope you love everything and that it can be a resource as you tackle your own projects!

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