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“Juicing” sounded so enticing to me for some reason. I like juice, and I dont mind vegetables. The health benefits were through the roof and I was going to feel like a million bucks! And its not like it is ALL vegetables, most of the recipes also have fruit, delicious fruit! I thought, “what a perfect way to start my morning with a fresh glass of kale, celery, & apple juice, right?” WRONG. This morning was the first juicing venture. And my first experience was disappointing to say the least. I had all the ingredients for the “perfect skin” formula, and had just unwrapped my brand new deluxe juicer. The juicing process was also very enjoyable. Something about watching those vegetables be turned to liquid instantly gets my heart racing. Anyway, I put the finished product in a sealed juice container and brought it to work with me. (Along with some almonds because I am REALLY healthy now.)
I sat down at my desk and took the first sip. I couldnt believe it! It was really the most terrible, dirtlike, putrid thing i had ever tasted. So I fetched a straw and attempted again. Alas, another fail.
I now sit here with a diet coke in hand, and my big glass of green drink still taunting me. This was supposed to be a cleanse! So after much deliberation, I am not sure about my juicing career. I think I just need better recipes. That must be it. I will drink it later… perhaps. Have you had any experiences with juicing? Do you have any juicing recipes for me? HELP!

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  1. I FOUND YOU! Diet coke all the way screw the healthy stuff! so excited to keep up on your blog. I can just hear your voice in my head. Miss you!

  2. Lindsay Goldfine says:

    YES! I juice all the time and I am obsessed! I dont ever use recipes, but my go-to ingredients are kale, cucumber, apple or peach, carrots, and lots of ginger. And sometimes strawberries, sometimes mango, beets, depends on what I have in the fridge. I think the key is to balance it out with something sweet that gives lots of juice, like the apple or peach. (if its peach season.) I think of the apple as the base, and the rest sort of layers on top, and it still tastes sweet and yummy. A good combo is always ginger kale cucumber peach/apple. the cucumber is key because you get so much juice out of it. A whole bag of kale hardly gets you any, but it’s so good for you. Does this help?? 🙂

    • YES!!! This helps so much! I have all these recipes in my book and they all call for mostly veggies! I havent had a good one so far! I’ll try the fruit juice base. That sounds MUCH MUCH better. Thanks sis

  3. Mom says:

    Is it fair to squeeze in a little honey? I wish you had some of Grandpa’s fresh from the garden sweet carrots. Maybe I can figure out a way to get some to you. I have been putting greek yogurt and honey into fruit smoothies, with granola sprinkles on top. Keep trying with the juicer.


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