danish mid century beauties

mid century modern collage


My eye has been drawn to everything mid-century lately. I love the simplicity of these pieces, nothing frilly or fancy about them… just great design doing it’s job. Do you think this look is timeless or just trending right now? If I were to start incorporating these into my home here and there do you think I would regret it a few years down the road? I am really loving Milo Baughman and the Dagmar Chair. What do you think?

1 // Urban Outfitters

2 // Vintage… This was selling on Craigslist if you can believe it.

3 // Urban Outfitters

4 // DIY

5 // West Elm

6 // The Milo Baughman Credenza

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  1. lindsay Goldfine says:

    Timeless! But only start collecting pieces if you think you’re going to want to go modern indefinitely, because it’s kind of a specific look. Our house is Spanish style, so I have a hard time incorporating modern pieces into it sadly. But we both LOVE Mid Century Modern design. Maybe someday we’ll move into a house where it makes sense. I didn’t know Urban Outfitters had such cute furniture!

  2. lindsay Goldfine says:

    Or maybe in the right space, you can find a good way to just mix in a few pieces . . ? I’m sure you could pull it off!

  3. omhomelin says:

    Love these pieces! Simple and strong lines are always the hallmark of “timeless” pieces. Mixing them with modern elements and finishes will create your own version of modern 🙂

  4. Kellie says:

    those make me think so much of mad men. love it!

  5. Ash says:

    I think they are just trending, just like they did decades ago BUT most likely they will come back in style 40 years from now so if you get some, put them in storage when they get old and then they will be new again later.

  6. CLJ says:

    Now I wish my parents had kept the old furniture. They do still have the free standing radio/phonograph in the basement. Wow, I haven’t thought about that for years.


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