shopbop’s ultimate closet: 13 pieces 15 looks


In love with this styling from shop bop’s ultimate closet/early spring edition. I would love to have… well… every piece really. Check out more here!

I want to make 15 outfits, 13 pieces with my own closet!

Try Stylebook or Cloth apps to help you digitize your closet and maybe you can do something a little like this with your own stuff! I will be trying one or the other this week, may be life changing! (Or a huge waste of time, I’ll let you know.)


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  1. lindsay Goldfine says:

    I’ll be standing by to hear how it goes ..

  2. CLJ says:

    It sure gives you ideas. Just get creative with what you have. This takes me back to dressing paper dolls as a kid. It was pretty darn fun.

  3. Tier says:

    Check that out! That’s pretty cool to get nominated! ^ you’re famous.

    PS I really wish I had a digital form of my clothes so I could find outfits for myself easier. I have cute clothes and no time. Hmmm.


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