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Headed Somewhere Blog

Headed Somewhere Blog

Headed Somewhere Blog

Headed Somewhere Blog

This housing search has engulfed every conversation Clay and I have lately. Between that a baby stuff, I don’t think we talk about much else. Life seems to be moving right along… at a steady pace… I need a shake up. I need some adventure, a new hobby, or maybe I just need to get Ezra on a good schedule so I can free up some time and get some sleep! Whatever it is, something has GOT to change.

Anyone else feel this way? Maybe post baby?  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy. I am obsessed with my little peanut and the joy he bring to me. I just feel like the ME part of me is drifting away somewhere in “Working Mommy Who Hasn’t Had Time To Grocery Shop In Weeks” Land.

Back to the housing sitch. We have put offers on 3 houses, all of which we were not the lucky ones. It seems our only hope of getting into a house is to choose one that NOBODY ELSE COULD POSSIBLY WANT, otherwise, they all have multiple offers and we never win! It’s a game. A game that I hate. A game that has broken my heart several times and I’m sure plans to break it a few more before we’re finished.

For now, I am reminding myself to enjoy the little moments. The other day, after I had just given Ezra a bath and made the bed with clean sheets, we snuggled and played until our hearts content. He would grab my face and plant a slobbery one on me, and I’d tickle his chubby legs because that makes him giggle the hardest. This went on for until for a good while, next thing I know, he just sound asleep next to me.  OH MY GOODNESS I just love being a mama.

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  1. Anita in SC says:

    Those priceless pictures make it all worthwhile!

  2. efonnesbeck says:

    I love these pictures. I know that right now, the little things like grocery shopping and sleep seem so important. They are, yes, obviously. And even though finding the right house is important, it really isn’t in the long scheme of things. Snuggling Ez are moments you are never going to forget. These are the moments that will make you forget about all of the things you have to do on your “to-do lists”. Set your lists aside and enjoy sis. I know all too well that it happens so fast and you don’t get the years back.

  3. cj199292 says:

    Oh my gosh, as a mother of three adult children and two grandchildren, I am here to tell you, as I never thought I would, do not worry about the groceries and the houses and anything else. That baby is your world and you are his world. It’s ok. Believe me. You’ll be in my place someday and absolutely crave these days and this time back. Enjoy your mommyhood while you can!

  4. cj199292 says:

    Love the pics, BTW. Absolutely precious! I can just smell him from here.

  5. I was in your situation last year. My baby boy was only 3 months when we started searching for new house, while selling our current home. So with a newborn, we staged our house (I cleaned every day, good thing I was on maternity leave at that time or I would have gone crazy) and realtors had to call me first for appointments to make sure I was not breastfeeding baby.

    There were times I was showing the house while baby slept on the rocker and strangers had to talk in whispers :).

    Anyways, I slept train my baby and that helped me a lot with getting more sleep. I used the book babywise to get him to a schedule first before sleep training. I would recommend this method, as it worked for me and baby….but you know what they say, every baby is different.

    Go on styleberryblog.com website and search for babywise post. I remember reading that last year and it helped me out a lot.

  6. I miss babies. sigh. Mine are now 10, 8 and 5. I think only grandparents get to enjoy cuddles without all the stress of everything else to do. Moms do their best to live in the moment, but other demands are always pressing in.

    I didn’t really “get myself back” until I miscarried my fourth baby almost 3 years ago. After the grief, I wrote and published my memoir, and then a children’s book, and now am working on a fictional one. But my youngest was 3 by the time I could think about writing. And since I had my babies fairly close together, there were many years where the groceries did not get done, etc.

  7. clj says:

    Playing in the sheets—How cute is this! Ohhhh!

  8. Lindsay Goldfine says:

    Oh my gosh I loooove these pics! And I know how you feel, new mommy stuff. You forget about YOU! But it’s all worth it. I mean just LOOK at him


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