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There have been lots of questions of where we went and the places we stayed while on our last trip to Massachusetts and Maine. So I decided to do a quick guide with links to our amazing airbnb’s that really, I wish were my own… and a few of our favorite places.

Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA-

Boston is full of history. And I am so ashamed to say we experienced none of it. Except for the Benjamin Franklin look alike in full costume, giving a tour on the street. Looking back, I wish we would have done a little more of this. BUT we chose instead to spend our time in the Faneuil Hall Eatery. Which is an experience! 36 food vendors and 14 restaurants crammed into one historic hall that will really take your breath away. We did get to experience a tiny bit of the historical side of Faneuil Hall, walking through the building and the great hall… which was the site of several speeches by Samuel Adams, James Otis, and others encouraging independence from Great Britain. But, I have to say… the food. It was pretty amazing. I vote we need another trip to Boston for historical reasons.

Headed Somewhere Blog

Sand Dunes near Provincetown, MA-

These dunes were breathtaking, especially during the fall season. The brightly colored leaves against the white sand were unbelievable. They are just off to the side of the road just a few miles before entering Provincetown. We ran around the pristine sand without a soul in sight. (I am sure during the summer, that would be a different story.) Because you are at the tip of the cape, you have ocean views on both sides. It is pretty incredible.

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Norwell / Scituate Lighthouse, MA –

Norwell is not a place most tourists know about. It is about 40 minutes south of Boston and not a whoooole lot happening. But because we stayed there and we were able to drive through the neighborhoods time and time again, we fell in love with the houses, tree covered roads and the leaves here were most beautiful. There were large open fields, farmhouses, perfectly still ponds reflecting the brightly colored leaves… it felt magical. The tiny town of Scituate was so quaint and beautiful. It is right on the water with a pristine white lighthouse at the tip of the small cape. There are little coffee shops, restaurants… not a ton, but for some reason, it stole our hearts… we love that little town.

Headed Somewhere Blog

This is our AIRBNB listing in Norwell, MA – the host lives in the back of the home, renters have the main front door entrance. The host was so wonderful, we spoke with her a couple times and she gave us great recommendations on where to eat. The place was quaint and beautiful, simple and clean. I loved every minute in this cozy home.

Headed Somewhere Blog

Camden, ME-

Camden’s little main street with its restaurants and shops right on the water were breathtaking. It was the most gorgeous place to see leaves. We spent a lot of time driving around the shoreline, enjoying the scenery and we made friends with the Belted Gallows (long haired cows.) 🙂 It was so peaceful.

Acadia National Park –

With the most beautiful views of Bar Harbor, Acadia Park is a MUST. Bar Habor was also fun with shops, restaurants, ice cream, ice cream and lobster, lobster, lobster. 🙂 I had my first ever lobster here… breaking it open with the help of our waitress… haha it was definitely an experience.

We stayed in Brooksville, ME which it a little out there. Our place sat on a beautiful lake and on winding roads. We drove A LOT in Maine, lots of day trips and visiting the tiny picturesque towns. And we are talking TINY.

Headed Somewhere Blog

We loved our place in Brooksville. It was an old farmhouse equipped with everything we would need, including a nintendo 64 and a 1000 piece puzzle which we attempted without any luck. This place was BIG… I would definitely recommend it.

Here is the AIRBNB listing or our place in Maine. 

That’s it! Happy travels!

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