Birthday Favors + Wonderful Halos Fun

This little guy just had a birthday! We have been talking about this birthday since November. He could not wait to be FOUR YEARS OLD.

The day he turned four, everything changed. Seriously. He was suddenly “grown up” and could do “everything by himself”! Get dressed, buckle his own car seat, pour his own cereal (messy, but he did it ????)… apparently he could jump way higher too. Yes, it is taking about 10x longer to get anywhere, but he’s doin’ it! ????☺️????????

Ezzy is in a little preschool class and he wanted to bring all his friends presents for his birthday… so I put together these little goodie bags for him to take! It’s always hard finding something that suits everyone… especially in a preschool class with 20 kids! (Not to mention all the allergy/diet restrictions.) We wanted to go the healthier route, skipping the candy/cupcakes and grabbed a bag of Wonderful Halos, which are California mandarins that are bursting with Pure Goodness. Halos mandarins are super SWEET, seedless, and easy to peel, making them a snack kids (and parents) love. Plus they are the perfect size for small hands. We also included a few small play toys… something we know everyone can be pleased as punch with!

I let Ezra choose some small toys at the party store… a bouncy ball, stickers, bubbles, dinosaurs, a mini race car… and then we added his favorite snack, Wonderful Halos! He was so excited about choosing things for his friends.

He helped me package them all up, I tied a little twine around them, and attached a tag that said, “Thanks for making my birthday a *SWEET* one!” ????

He can’t even contain his excitement to take them to school. Love that little guy and his big thoughtful heart.

And happy birthday to him! ☺️????????

Thank you to Wonderful Halos for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Sadie says:

    This is great! I’m currently planning a first birthday for my little girl, and have been looking at party favors for all her little cousins. This is a nice, summery idea to not load kids up with sugar.

    Also, super impressed you can get your kiddo to hold still for a photo shoot!


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