Mom Hacks for Fussy Babes

I know what it feels like to be helpless as a mom. When your child is crying and crying, you’re not sure why or how you can help! It can be one of the hardest parts about being a parent! I’ve been there. So I wanted to share a few tips that have helped us on this crazy journey, things I swear by and do daily to keep the calm around here.

Mom Hacks for Fussy Babes:

1. Wear them.

Babies just want to be close. Wearing your baby and putting them next to your chest will give them immediate comfort and security. Right when I put Curren in the carrier he calms down. It is his happy place. I love the WildBird ring slings for easy portable use (shown in the photo above)… I also love having a soft structured carrier like the Happy Baby or Ergo Baby carriers.

2. Binky.

Not everyone is a fan of the binky. But we sure are! Both Ezra and Curren loved their binkies in their early stages. Anything to give them that extra comfort… sign me up!

3. White Noise.

White noise is said to simulate being in the womb. The constant noise will drown out any other startling noises and can usually calm my babes pretty quickly. Fussiness can also be a sign of overstimulation. White noise, a dim room and little distraction could be the key.

4. The Happy Song – Imogen Heap

Okay so this one is kind of out there… and I have mentioned this on my Instagram account before… but it worked for us and so many others have written me telling me this song is a miracle worker! haha Curren is obsessed with this song! We can turn it on anywhere and he will calm down immediately, even in the car! Magic.

5. Warm Bath

Sometimes the warm water is all it takes to calm and soothe my babes. Especially the noise of the bath lulls them to sleep.

6. Change of Scenery

Going on a walk outside, getting some fresh air, and just changing the scenery can do the trick a lot of times when your babe is fussy. Being overly tired is one reason they may not be able to fall asleep and getting out of the house to some new surroundings has worked wonders with my kids.

7. Essential Oils

Using Lavender, Gentle Baby and Stress Away in the diffuser helps not only the baby but myself when things start going haywire and we are losing all control. haha It is something that can bring calm into a chaotic home.

8. Probiotics.

A lot of times the issue is environmental and an easy fix… but a lot of times it is not. A lot of babies have occasional upset tummies which could be the problem. Probiotics are said to boost your baby’s digestive health, decrease discomfort caused by occasional digestive upset and help develop a healthy immune system!*

I’ve talked about these Culturelle® Baby Calm + Comfort Probiotic + Chamomile Drops before and want to come back to it because I feel like they could be so helpful to so many! I can’t even tell you how many people resonated with me when I talked about Curren’s occasional upset tummy. I posted about it a few posts back on Instagram and so many other moms had issues with their babies having upset tummies or lots of unexplained crying as well.

For a while, I thought it may be an allergy… but our pediatrician said it most likely was not, that there were no other signs and it was probably just occasional upset tummy problems.

So bring in the probiotics! I started using probiotics after our midwife mentioned them and I feel like Curren is so much happier. We chose the Culturelle® Baby Calm + Comfort Probiotic + Chamomile Drops that are meant for age 0-12 months. But they also have Grow and Thrive + Vitamin D drops AND Grow and Thrive probiotic packets that you can sprinkle in their food. (The packets are meant for 12-24 months.)

To read more about why probiotics are good to use for your baby’s digestion, read my last post HERE!

I’ve always heard about taking probiotics for my own digestive health, but for some reason it never crossed my mind to start giving them to my kiddos. It definitely makes sense that giving their digestive system that little boost would decrease occasional upset tummy issues. Probiotics help support the growth of good bacteria in your babe’s digestive tract.*

P.S. I came across this post that Culturelle® put together: Caring for your Newborn: 5 Expert Tips from a Pediatrician go check it out especially if you are a new mom! So many good basic baby tips. 🙂

I am always willing to try something that I know might help my baby’s comfort and knowing there is something that could help and that is good for them gives me peace of mind.

Sponsored by Amazon and Culturelle®



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