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Ezra is 5!!! He recently had a birthday and I still cannot believe that I have a 5 year old. Seems absolutely BONKERS. He also just lost a tooth this morning and tonight I get to play the tooth fairy. ALSO bonkers. Where is the time going?! I still feel like a kid myself!


Anyhow, with him turning 5, we both felt like he needed a space that represented him a bit more. A “big boy” room. His room has kind of been pushed to the wayside… he got the leftover stuff, the prints and things we didn’t use in the house and all his toys were just a mess. See the before photos. Not very impressive. ???? So when we went to give him a little room “make-over” I knew Society6 would have what we were looking for.

He is such a collector and an adventurer at heart. I wanted him to love his room and for it to be a reflection of everything he loves. The outdoors, animals, his little collections of things and then of course, I added a few new bins for his favorite cars, transformers and “stuffies”. We also decided to leave the chalk board wall because that is something him and his friends always go to first!

So here is Ezra at 5:


Me: Where is your favorite place we’ve traveled?


Ezra: New York City. But my favorite favorite place is where the colorful roofs and the Eiffel Tower are. Is that Greece? What is that place?


Me: Paris. 


Ezra: We haven’t been to Paris in a while, we have to go back there sometime! When can we go back there? I don’t even remember the plane ride!


Me: Maybe soon! That would be fun! What is your favorite part about your new room?


Ezra: The picture that looks like me with all the animals. 


Me: Why?


Ezra: Because I love it. Because it looks like me and he is in the woods like when I go in the woods with the animals. 


Me: Tell me about your treasure collection! Which treasure is your favorite!


Ezra: Both of the crystals. Because it was hard to find crystals.


Me: Where is your favorite place to explore?


Ezra: The woods. Because there are so many animals. A fox is my favorite animal in the woods but I’ve never seen a fox but I know how to look!


I have always been such a fan of Society6. They carry the work of hundreds if not thousands of artists and turn it into so many amazing products. Textiles, furniture, prints, tapestries… I spent hours perusing the site. Sooo many options, it’s so fun!


When I heard they had a new collection specifically for kids called Lil6ers, I had to jump at it! The collections they have put together are sooo good! The pieces aren’t too juvenile but still have that childlike wonder and whimsical feel to them.


The piece that first caught my attention was a print called Out of the Woods by Emily Winfield Martin. It reminded me so much of Ezra! Him, as he is now, a 5 year old explorer who personifies almost every plant and animal. I knew he would love it, so when the package came, I let him open it. When he saw it he yelled, “WOW!! IT’S ME!” Definitely my favorite part of Ezra’s room now.

I also really love Kelli Murray, and she happens to be a real life friend! I wanted to incorporate a few of her pieces, Wolf Pack seemed fitting… Ezra has a crazy fascination with wolves, (we read the same wolf book almost every night.) I’ve also had my eye on the Life is Wonderful tapestry for a long time. From there, everything else just kind of made sense, the nature inspired bedding with leaves and mushrooms by HeyPaperFox, the mountain landscape print, I am especially obsessed with the credenza by Wild Studio Supply!

Additional Product Links: Let the Sunshine in Throw Pillow, Cool to be Kind Poster, The Old Art Studio Abstract Pillow 

The coolest part about Society6 is each of these patterns/prints is made by independent artists and can be made into anything they carry. Ex: the print on the credenza can also be found as curtains, a duvet, a print, etc! How amazing is that?


Ezra has been traveling with us from such a young age which I think, sparks a lot of his love for new adventures. He is actually the one now who asks, “where are we going next?” He pushes me beyond my limits and out of my comfort zone. He pretends constantly, that we are going to space, that we are deep sea divers, that we just need to find the missing key to get into the castle… it’s all day long and it’s so fun to be a part of. So happy to have created such a fun and inspiring space for him… I love being this kid’s mom! 

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