Introducing Solid Foods to Baby + SpoonfulONE

Are you starting to introduce solid foods to your little one?! If so, yay!! This is one of my favorite parts of parenting tiny humans. The excitement and newness of introducing your favorite foods to your babe is so much fun.

I know it can be intimidating; I remember panicking over everything I put in Ezra’s mouth (my first)… but after two kids, preparing meals for Clara feels like a breeze! *and totally not scary.* It does help that she loves basically EVERYTHING and can’t get enough solid food.

Her favorites?

Eggs, avocado, mashed blueberries, bananas, broccoli… sometimes all mixed together. ???? She loves. everything. and it’s so dang cute to watch her love and enjoy food!

I feel like things have changed over the years with what you are and are not supposed to feed your little ones. Allergies were AND ARE! Always a concern. But studies and the newest USDA guidelines now support early introduction of common allergens (like peanuts, eggs and shellfish) in your baby’s diet to help their immune system get used to tiny amounts of food allergens.

“Your baby’s little yet VERY SMART immune system is evolving as they begin to try new foods. Introducing a variety of foods can help train the tummy to recognize potentially allergenic foods as safe.”

So what do we do? Simple! Fix things for your babe like eggs, peanuts, wheat and shellfish. Easy enough? Well, sorta. ????

I’m not REALLY preparing a shellfish meal for Clara quite yet. Certainly not on a daily basis. And that’s where SpoonfulONE comes in.

SpoonfulONE is an amazing product made specifically for this time in your babe’s life! It contains small, gentle, perfectly portioned amounts of 16 common allergens to expose your baby. The right amount, the right ingredients, made of REAL food.

SpoonfulONE takes a lot of the pressure and guess work out of the whole equation. Just combine a Mix-in with their favorite puréed meal (or bottle). This ensures that your baby is being exposed to these key ingredients.

We started Mix-ins when Clara was 4 months old. I love the variety as we switch it up occasionally these days with their Puffs. They are fun for your little to practice their hand to mouth coordination at the same time! These are for your baby that is 6+ months. Same concept, same gentle portions, different product.

The important thing is to just make sure you are introducing a large variety of real foods to your baby right off the bat. I liked these examples from the SpoonfulONE site!

  • Avocados, bananas, very ripe peaches & pears
  • Soft cooked carrots, green beans, zucchini, sweet potatoes, apples, squash, pumpkin & beets
  • Cereals thinned to a near-liquid consistency with expressed breast milk or formula
  • Peanut butter thinned with water & mixed into oatmeal

Some of our favorite mixtures are:

  • Strawberries, Banana, Avocado
  • Carrots, Broccoli and Peas (steamed to almost mush!! And mixed together into a purée.)
  • Peanut butter with apples (again, puréed)
  • Wheat cereal and strawberry purée.

I hope you have so much fun feeding your little one! And take lots of videos to show them when they’re older. Clara loves food so much either I or Clay are filming her every, enthusiastic bite. ???? It’s the best part! 

Big thanks to SpoonfulONE for sponsoring this post!

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