To find joy in the mundane.
To create spaces that we love and are inspired by.
To live in a way that shines forth positivity and progress. 

Let’s build it together!

Through the beautiful mess of motherhood, a Southern lake house renovation, and sharing curated finds to elevate your everyday life, wardrobe and space, I invite you to share in the journey.  

Hi, I’m 
Mary Lauren

Motherhood can be isolating and our spaces uninspiring. I know! I lived it!
I created this space when my first boy, Ezra was born: to make friends with other Mothers, to open up about real and raw motherhood... sharing all that is wonderful, exhausting, beautiful, challenging. Over the years it has evolved into much more than I ever expected or dreamed of!
After moving to South Carolina from Southern California on a whim, my husband Clay and I began sharing the renovation journey of a Southern lake house, our love for beautiful interiors, and all the victories, mistakes and transformations along the way, all while raising these littles in a part of the world that I am so inspired by.
I hope you find joy in this community, you are welcome here, and I can’t wait to hear
from you!

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